Guardian Angel® Infant Series

Give your family peace of mind with Aulisa’s FDA Cleared baby monitor. 

Monitor your infant’s vitals by tracking their heart rate and oxygen level continuously, wirelessly, and in real time on your smartphone. 

FDA Cleared

FDA Cleared baby monitor approved for in-home use.

For All Ages

Your Guardian Angel® watches over infants up to 22 pounds. As your child grows, change the infant sensor module for one made for children, 22 to 88 pounds. For over 88 pounds, the Guardian Angel® sensor for teenagers and adults continues to keep watch.

Adjustable Vitals Limits

Use default limits or customize upper and lower vitals limits for improved alarm accuracy. Adjust to account for age, health condition and living elevation.

Mom Child

Your baby's health is priceless.


Real-time key vitals (blood oxygen and pulse rate) taken once per second.

Wirelessly Wearable

No wires to get twisted or in the way. Comfortable wearable technology.


Audible and visible alarms alert you, providing an opportunity for early intervention.




Aulisa View

App for iOS and Android lets you view the monitor on the same wifi or hotspot.


22 Hour rechargeable battery, 3 hours to charge fully.
Find the Perfect Solution

Is the Guardian Angel® 1000 Right for you?

If you have answered yes to the statements above, then the Guardian Angel® 1000 Series is right for you!

If not, the Guardian Angel® 2000 Series is what you’re looking for, with all these features and more.

I want to monitor key vitals of someone during sleep & rest.

Video & audio are not important to me.

The monitor and the wearer will stay within approximately 32' feet.

Local monitoring and use of the Aulisa View phone app only on the same wifi or hot spot is all I need!

Get your peace of mind today!