Guardian Angel® GA2000

Remote Monitoring for Adults

Remote, Wireless Vitals Monitoring & Alarm System with Video, Audio, Recording Capabilities, & Phone App. Medical-Grade, FDA Cleared Technology for Use in Your Home. 

For health professional workers, please click here for Medical Use.

FDA Cleared technology

The only medical-grade wireless vitals monitor and alarm system for in-home use.

For Adults

Use the Guardian Angel® to keep watch on your parents or other adult loved ones.

2-Way audio & video with night vision

Use default limits or customize upper and lower vitals limits for improved alarm accuracy. Adjust to account for age, health condition and living elevation.

Record & Share with Your Doctor

Whenever a health alarm sounds, a three minute clip (30 seconds before & 150 seconds after) is recorded and saved to the display unit for later review of audio, video, and vitals.

Healthy at Home

The Guardian Angel® brings you everything you expect from a monitor, plus so much more. With cloud-based, wireless vitals monitoring, have the same medical-grade technology used by professionals in the comfort of your home.

For your home, for your health, for your loved ones.


Real-time key vitals (blood oxygen and pulse rate) taken once per second.

Wirelessly Wearable

No wires to get twisted or in the way. Comfortable wearable technology.


Audible and visible alarms alert you, providing an opportunity for early intervention.




Data Security

Double encrypted for your privacy.


Audio, video, night vision.

Aulisa View

App for iOS and Android lets you view the monitor on the same wifi or hotspot.


22 Hour rechargeable battery, 3 hours to charge fully.

Now Available!

$1,750 and Qualifies for HSA / FSA