Company Name: Aulisa Medical USA, Inc.

Founded in: 2018; Parent company founded in 2013

Product Category: Wearable, Wireless Vitals Monitoring Systems for infants, children, and adults

Main product line: Guardian Angel®TM

Key Product Features:

FDA Cleared
Wearable and wireless (cordless)
Continuous monitoring, measuring key vitals (pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation) one time per second
Audible and visual alarms when vitals move outside range
Adjustable alarm ranges to customize for each person’s age and unique health needs
Remote visual, audio and vitals monitoring capabilities and companion phone app
3 minute recordings of health related incidents stored in display monitor for later doctor review
22 hour rechargeable battery
Patents/IP: Aulisa Medical has 10 patents on the product.

999 Commercial Street, Suit 208, Palo Alto, California
Parent Company: Taiwan Aulisa Medical Device Technologies, Inc.; Augie Lien, Founder/CEO

Website: Aulisa.com

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Media Contact
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VP of Sales & Marketing

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