Guardian Angel® GA2000 Series



Warranty: 1 Year


Wireless (no wires), Wearable, Remote Vitals Monitoring & Alarms System with Recording Capabilities, 2-way audio and video. For adults and children.

  • Easy set-up and use.
  • Measures key vitals (blood oxygen saturation & pulse rate) once per second and displays them on the display monitor.
  • PA reading show strength of connection.
  • Includes Audio/Video/Night vision.
  • 3 minute clips (30 seconds before and 150 seconds after the alarm) are recorded and stored when a health-related alarm sounds. These clips are stored in the display monitor for later analysis.
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0 Connection (between sensor and display).
  • Upper and lower vitals limits can adjusted for appropriate alarms.
  • Sensor module and RT (camera) must be kept within 32 feet; display monitor has no distance restriction for remote monitoring.
  • This system is to be used during sleep and times of rest; not during exercise or heavy activity.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 22 hours, and takes 3 hours to fully charge. Charger included. Two sensor modules included so one can be used while the other is charging.
  • Medium Priority alarms alert you when sensor is disconnected, not reading, or battery is low.
  • Aulisa View app available for download in iOS and Android app stores.
  • Not for Medical Use.
  • 1 10″ IPS Touch Screen Display Monitor
  • 1 Display Monitor Stand
  • 1 Receiver-Transponder/RT (Component that includes cloud, audio/video capabilities)
  • 2 Sensor Modules for adults or pediatrics depending on which you choose
  • 3 chargers: 1 for display unit, 1 for Receiver/Transponder and 1 for sensor module
  • 1 Washable, reusable wrist strap
  • Free use of Aulisa View phone app for iOS and Android

Additional information

Weight 84.6 oz
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 5.5 in

Adult, Child