Guardian Angel GA1000 Series

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Warranty: 1 Year


Continuous, Wireless (no cords) Wearable Vitals Monitoring & Alarms System for all ages.

  • Easy set-up and use
  • Measures key vitals (blood oxygen saturation & pulse rate) once per second and displays them on the display monitor.
  • PA reading show strength of connection.
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0 Connection (between sensor and display) and wifi (display to phone).
  • Upper and lower vitals limits can adjusted for appropriate alarms.
  • Sensor module and display monitor must be kept within 32 feet.
  • This system is to be used during sleep and times of rest; not during exercise or heavy activity.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 22 hours, and takes 3 hours to fully charge. Charger included. Two sensor modules included so one can be used while the other is charging.
  • Medium Priority alarms alert you when sensor is disconnected, not reading, or battery is low.
  • Aulisa View app available for download in iOS and Android app stores.
  • Not for Medical Use.
  • 1 10″ IPS Touch Screen Display unit
  • 1 Display unit stand
  • 2 sensor modules (either 2 adult, 2 child, or 2 infant depending on selection)
  • 1 Wireless charger for infant sensor module
  • 1 Charger for display unit
  • Free use of Aulisa View app for iOS and Android

Additional information

Weight 73 oz
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 5 in

Adult, Child, Infant

3 reviews for Guardian Angel GA1000 Series

  1. Anonymous Person (verified owner)

    Does what it says. Wireless oximeter with alarms. The only one I could find. Easy to setup and having 2 wireless units so I never run out of batteries is great.

  2. Travis St. Jean

    Finally – Wireless overnight with alarms!

    I have been looking for a wireless oximeter to use on my father. He moves around a lot at night so anything with a wire never worked and the sensor alarm would always go off because he would pull the sensor off his finger. I came across this wireless unit and it works just as I hoped. It was very easy to setup and the wireless range is as advertised. After 3 nights of use I was not woken up once by a sensor fallen off alarm. Highly recommend for people that need a wireless oximeter that can be used overnight.

  3. Anonymous Person

    Great that you can use your phone to monitor your child in a different part of the house!!

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