Infant Gateway System


Warranty: 1 Year


FDA Cleared Continuous, Wireless (no cords) Wearable Vitals Monitoring & Alarms System for infants to review anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Easy set-up and use
  • Continuous vitals monitoring, once per second
  • Measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR) and Body Temperature
  • Early detection visual and audible alarms
  • Customizable vitals limits for effective alarms
  • Interchangeable sensor cables for infant users
  • Review data anywhere with Wi-Fi 
  • View the real-time vital sign monitor for multiple patients or single patient 
  • Disconnection and low battery warnings
  • Unique serial code on oximeter box pairs with User’s smart phone to ensure proper infant pairing
  • Aulisa View app available for download in iOS and Android app stores.
  • Rechargeable battery (22 hours battery life)
  • 1 sensor module for infant
  • 1 Wireless charger for infant sensor module
  • Gateaway kit
  • Free use of Aulisa Gateway app for iOS and Android


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