Guardian Angel® Rx GA2000

(For Adults/Pediatrics – Remote Monitoring)

Remote Monitoring with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0, Opening New Possibilities in Patient Care

Price: $1,750

The Guardian Angel® Rx GA2000 is a wearable, wireless monitoring system that provides the same continuous monitoring as the GA1000, but with additional features. Real-time vitals, video and audio are all visible on the system display unit, which has no distance limitations and can be viewed and managed anywhere a wifi or cell signal is available. Video, audio and vitals are recorded and saved on the display unit for the three minute period surrounding each health-related alarm for later evaluation. Doctors can also remotely view these recordings via an online portal.

The Aulisa View App makes it possible to view the display unit on your phone, for greater convenience and flexibility.

Intended Patients

Adults (Weight: Over 40 kg)

Pediatrics (Weight: 10-40 kg)

Intended Uses for Adults & Pediatrics
  • Continuous, centralized remote patient monitoring in hospitals, elderly care facilities and sleep centers
  • Professional in-home care
  • Outpatient tracking for hard-to-capture incidents
  • In-home use for sleep apnea and COPD patients, or patients with other respiratory or sleep conditions
  • In-home monitoring for loved ones, including elderly or ill patients

GA2000 Rx includes all of the features in GA1000, plus:

  • Records and saves 30 seconds before and 150 seconds after a health incident for doctor analysis
  • Includes patient video (with night vision) and audio
  • Remote monitoring via display unit, with no distance restrictions
  • Compatible with Aulisa App, which shows display unit viewing on iOs or Andriod device
  • Double encrypted, using both AES-128 data encryption as well as an Aulisa private encryption method for optimal security
  • FDA Cleared
The Guardian Angel® Rx GA2000 is now available. Please contact us via LiveChat or our contact us page for more information.