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The GA2000 Series includes additional features not available with the GA1000 Series models. Only the GA2000 includes audio and video monitoring, night vision, remote monitoring (no distance limitation on display unit), 3 minute clips are recorded and stored when health alarms sound for later review. Also, the Aulisa View app can be used anywhere a signal is available with the GA2000, whereas its use is limited to the same wifi or hotspot with the GA1000.

Our products feature wireless (wifi/bluetooth and cordless) FDA Cleared technology that has sensor modules for neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients. The Guardian Angel® Rx 200 offers 2-way audio, video, remote monitoring capabilites, health incident recordings, and integrated alarms.

To prevent patient data from being hacked, Guardian Angel® is double encrypted, using both AES- 128 data encryption as well as an Aulisa private encryption method.

Alarms have pre-set default limits. However, these are customizable to be appropriate for each person’s unique health condition.

Each Display Unit is paired with two sensors. A serial number on the back of each sensor will match the serial number on the top right of the Display screen to ensure proper pairing.

No. Only one sensor can be used with the display unit at once. Two sensors are included only to enable one to re-charge while the other is in use. If you want to monitor multiple people at once, you will need multiple systems. However, the same system can by used for different people one at a time.

It monitors pulse rate (PR) and oxygen saturation levels (SpO2). Pulse amplitude (PA) is also shown on the screen with a bar to signal the strength of the reading.

The Guardian Angel® sensor battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. A fully charged battery lasts at least 22 hours and takes 3 hours to fully charge. Each unit includes two sensors so one can be charging while the other is in use. Two sensor modules are included in each Guardian Angel® system so that one can be charging while the other is in use.

There are two basic types of alarms. One is High Priority, which sounds when vitals move outside of preset limits, and the other Medium Priority, which signals system issues such as low batteryand disconnection. High Priority alarms are red with repeating, continuous sound. Medium Priority alarms flash yellow and sound only once.

For the Guardian Angel® GA1000 series, the wearable sensor module and display unit must be kept within approximately 20 feet. Because the 2000 series is cloud-based, there is no distance restriction for the display unit and RT (camera unit). However, the RT must continue to remain within 20 feet of the patient. The display unit can receive the sensor module video, audio and vitals data anywhere the unit has an internet connection. The display unit can also be remotely viewed on iOS and Android phones using the Aulisa app. To use the app with the GA1000 series the phone and display unit must be on the same wifi or hot spot.

The app is purely for mirroring the display unit for remote viewing. The monitoring and alarms system cannot be controlled from the app.

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