Company Name: Aulisa Medical USA, Inc.

Founded in: 2018; Parent company founded in 2013

Product Category: Wearable, Wireless Vitals Monitoring Systems for infants, children, and adults

Main product line: Guardian Angel®TM

Key Product Features:

FDA Cleared
Wearable and wireless (cordless)
Continuous monitoring, measuring key vitals (pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation) one time per second
Audible and visual alarms when vitals move outside range
Adjustable alarm ranges to customize for each person’s age and unique health needs
Remote visual, audio and vitals monitoring capabilities and companion phone app
3 minute recordings of health related incidents stored in display monitor for later doctor review
22 hour rechargeable battery
Patents/IP: Aulisa Medical has 10 patents on the product.

999 Commercial Street, Suit 208, Palo Alto, California
Parent Company: Taiwan Aulisa Medical Device Technologies, Inc.; Augie Lien, Founder/CEO

Website: Aulisa.com

Aulisa’s Guardian Angel® vitals monitoring systems aim to change how vitals are monitored both in and out of the hospital setting. The Guardian Angel® provides continuous vitals monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate via a wearable, wireless sensor worn on the wrist and finger. Using Aulisa’s proprietary technology, Guardian Angel® checks vitals once per second for early detection of health incidents. When vitals move outside of the preset ranges, visual and audio alarms on the Guardian Angel® display unit warn caregivers that immediate intervention is required. Vitals ranges should be customized with the guidance of medical professionals to ensure optimal effectiveness.

Wearable & Wireless – Comfortable, Unrestricted Movement

Improve the patient experience with the Guardian Angel® Rx, which provides wireless, wearable comfort via interchangeable soft finger cable sensors for adult and pediatric uses

Continuous Monitoring – Pulse Rate & Spo2 Checked Once Per Second

Benefit from immediate spot-checking of patient blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) and pulse rate as well as continuous monitoring of patients during non-motion and under well-perfused conditions.

Real-time Alarms – Non-intrusive, Earlier Prevention Possible

Audio and visual alarms sound when SpO2 level or pulse rate are below or above preset limits. Alarm ranges are customizable to best address each patient’s healthcare needs.

Health Analysis – Incident Data Recorded & Saved
Three minutes of data, starting 30 seconds before and ending 150 seconds after each alarm-triggering health incident, is saved and recorded for later evaluation by a health care professional, expanding the opportunities for delivering appropriate treatment and outpatient care. (2000 series only)

Remote Monitoring – Stay Informed Regardless Your Location
Cloud-based, continuous, remote monitoring of patient vitals enables patient audio, video and vitals to be viewed on the display unit anywhere there is a wifi or cellular signal. With the Aulisa app, patient video and vitals can also be viewed on your cell phone for optimal convenience. (2000 series only)

Data Security – Protecting Patient Information & Access

Guardian Angel® is double encrypted, using both AES-128 data encryption as well as an Aulisa private encryption method to ensure the security of patient information

Other Key Features

  • Rechargeable battery (22 hour battery life; 2 included)
  • Disconnection and low battery warnings
  • Unique code on oximeter box pairs with tabletop display to ensure proper patient pairing
  • Highly accurate, making same technology used in hospitals available for in-home use.

Please click here for the Guardian Angel® GA1000 Quick User Guide (PDF) to better understand the product and how it is used.

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