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What makes us different?

What makes us different?


We are completely cordless- nothing to get in the way! Safer for infant, more convenient for parents and caregivers.

CustomizEable Vitals alarm

Alarms will sound if vitals begin to trend outside of vitals limits set for the infant.

bluetooth disconnect alarm

If the infant leaves 25 feet from his/her monitor, the blue tooth disconnect alarm will sound, an extra layer of security.​

22 Hour Battery life

The sensor module worn on the foot has a 22 hour, rechargable battery that fully recharges with its wireless charger in 3 hours.

gentle on fragile skin

Sensor module fits inside a soft fabric foot wrap, the only surface touching the skin.

remote monitoring available

The remote monitoring version of the Guardian Angel® includes 2-way audio, video, and event recording (which captures and stores 3 minutes of data surrounding alarm).

For clinical & home use

While the Guardian Angel® was made for the clinical setting, it is also available for parents' use after taking their baby home.

phone app

The Guardian Angel® phone app makes it possible to keep a close eye on an infant on your phone.

Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Wrap sensor on infant foot & turn on.

  2. Turn on Monitor.

  3. Enter settings to customize vitals limits.