3 Quick Tips to Start Using Your Aulisa Guardian Angel® 

Infant sleeping Aulisa Guardian Angel®

Aulisa’s Guardian Angel® Monitoring Systems don’t just help you ensure your loved one is sleeping well. They help you sleep well at night, too, knowing they are safe. Below are answers to a few FAQs to ensure you have peace of mind and an amazing experience with our products.


1.   The Aulisa Sensor Module is smart, quick to assemble and easy to use.


Composed of an oximeter box, a stay-in-place sensor cable and a wristband, our sensor module is designed to measure your vital signs: temperature, heart rate and oxygen saturation levels (SpO2).

This is the only FDA Cleared wireless monitoring and alarm system approved for adults, children and infants for in-home use. Before setting up the sensor module, we recommend charging the oximeter box fully as it takes around 3 hours to charge to a 100% battery level.


Assembly is easy and can be completed in a few steps:

       Attach the connector end of sensor cable to the end of the oximeter box.

       Secure the wristband onto the wrist with the holder facing outwards.

       Insert the oximeter box into the holder, and attach the sensor probe to the thumb or finger, making sure that the sensor cable runs over the top of the hand.

       Click the power On/ Off button to turn on the oximeter box.


The smart sensor module is part of all our Guardian Angel® monitoring systems, and it connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth.


The Aulisa View app enables users to view the vital signs of their loved one on their phones when kept within 32.8 feet (10 meters) of the sensor. The app is available for download in the Android and Apple stores. If you want to use your smartphone only to monitor vitals, our newly launched Aulisa GA1000 Lite, or GA1001 Lite for your infant, would be a good choice.


Aulisa Guardian Angel®® GA1000 Lite


2.   The Aulisa Display Monitor is ideal for in-home use and close- range doctor monitoring.


If a display feature is important to your needs, our monitor features a 10.1” LCD multi-touch display with Wi-Fi connectivity capability, showing the real-time vital signs measured by the sensor module. The display unit also shows informational text messages, alarm text messages, and has customizable vitals limits for effective alarms. If connected to the Receiver/Transponder component, the display unit incorporates a talking and listening function that allows audio messages to be received and sent via the Receiver/ Transponder.


The display monitor is available with our Aulisa® Guardian Angel® GA1000, GA1001, GA2000 and GA2001 systems.



3.   The Aulisa Receiver-Transponder features cloud, audio & video capabilities.


Our Receiver/Transponder device automatically connects to a paired sensor module under the control of the display monitor, and lets you hear, talk to and see your loved one from anywhere (no distance restrictions) and at any time (night vision included). In addition to real-time vitals, video and audio, the device records and stores 30 seconds before and 150 seconds after a health incident for further doctor analysis, if needed.


The Receiver-Transponder is available with our GA2000 and GA2001 systems.


For more instructional info, visit our FAQ page.


GA1001 Lite

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