Why Every Household & Generation Can Benefit from Real-Time Vitals Monitoring

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Li Yifei was in the habit of taking her grandmother’s vital signs – heart rate, blood oxygen saturation rate and temperature every weekend when she’d visit. When COVID-19 hit, it took a huge physical toll on her grandmother, and she was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. Once her grandmother returned home, Li realized that she wouldn’t be able to monitor her grandmother’s vital signs in the same manner and on top of that, she and other family members had to bear the emotional toll of not being able to say goodbye.

 “If it hadn’t been for your device, we wouldn’t be able to show care for our grandma’s condition and virtually spend our last moments with her,” said Li.  This sad, yet true story became the reality of many individuals across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the growing prevalence of chronic disorders and longer average lifespan of the population, the world has seen a huge demand for personalized healthcare, wearables monitoring devices and the use of vital signs monitoring devices for at-home setting. Undoubtedly, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic escalated the demand for vital signs monitoring devices considering that continuous measurement of vital signs like temperature, respiration rate, and pulse rate can serve as an efficient infection-detection system for people infected with the virus (1).

Since the start of his career, our founder Augie Lien has worked tirelessly with a team of scientists and engineers to develop medical devices that can benefit both households and medical facilities to monitor vital signs of multiple generations in continuously, wirelessly and in real-time. Every generation has a different idea of when people get ‘old’ but it’s a huge misconception that only the elderly need vitals monitoring. Here at Aulisa, we believe that taking vital signs from the comfort of your home, any time, for anyone should be the norm, not a luxury.

There are endless reasons you may be looking for a solution to monitor vital signs at home: Perhaps you are about to bring home an infant, are concerned about your child, or have a parent, significant other or friend who suffers from heart disease, sleep apnea, COPD, or other heart or respiratory diseases. Or maybe you’re concerned for your own health and want an alarm to alert you as soon as your vitals trend in an unhealthy direction.

Our non-invasive solution is the only FDA Cleared wireless monitoring and alarm system approved for adults, children, and infants for in-home use, providing continuous measurements of the vital signs (oxygen saturation levels, temperature, and heart rate). Our interchangeable sensors mean monitoring for different members of your family! Here’s an overview of our solutions, for every generation:

Adults & Children

Local Monitoring – GA1000: This device is ideal if you want to monitor key vitals of an adult or child during sleep and rest (and do not need video or audio). You can successfully use our GA1000 if the monitor and the wearer will stay within approximately 32′ feet. You can use GA1000 for your children between 22 to 88 pounds and for over 88 pounds, the Guardian Angel®® sensor for teenagers and adults continues to keep watch.

 Remote Monitoring – GA2000: This device offers everything that GA1000 offers plus 2-way audio & video with night vision as well as the ability to record and share with your healthcare provider. You will use default limits or customize upper and lower vitals limits for improved alarm accuracy and adjust to account for age, health condition and living elevation. Whenever a health alarm sounds, a three-minute clip (30 seconds before & 150 seconds after) is recorded and saved to the display unit for later review of audio, video, and vitals. It doesn’t get more convenient than this!

App Only – GA1000 Lite: our FDA-Cleared technology is available with our newly launched Aulisa GA1001Lite. The real-time vitals are visible on your smartphone, within the Aulisa Lite App. The app requires no subscription fee and can be downloaded from the App and Google stores.



Local Monitoring – GA1001: Did you know that we’re the only FDA Cleared baby and child monitor for the consumer market? Similar to GA1000 for adults and children, you can use our Aulisa Guardian Angel®® to keep watch on your infant with our Continuous Vitals Monitoring & Alarm System and our Guardian Angel®® watches over infants up to 22 pounds.

Remote Monitoring – GA2001: Our Aulisa Guardian Angel® GA2001is a wearable, wireless vitals monitoring system specifically designed for infants with a stay-in-place foot strap that is convenient to put on and fits any infant foot. The upside of the GA2001 compared to the GA1001 is that, in addition to real-time vitals, remote monitoring is available as well as video and audio visibility on the system display unit. And our smart tech parents will love these features; you don’t have to stay within 32′ feet of your infant and the video, audio and vitals are even recorded and saved for the three-minute period surrounding each health-related alarm.

App Only – GA1001 Lite: Want to get started with smartphone and app monitoring only? Check out how our Aulisa Guardian Angel® GA1001 Lite keeps watch on your little angel and makes stress-free monitoring easy without the hassle of cords. Because your baby’s health matters to us!

Let us make at-home vital monitoring easy and stress-free for you and your loved ones. Please reach out to us for any questions and our team will happily support you: [email protected].

Yours in Lifelong Monitoring,

-Aulisa Team


1) https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/vital-signs-monitoring-market

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