Let a Guardian Angel® keep watch on your loved ones

No cords/wires, easy set-up, and everything you need for your at-home vitals monitoring needs. Stress-free monitoring made easy.

FDA cleared technology badge
Hipa certified

Wireless vitals monitoring in the comfort of your home.

a baby sleeping in a pediatrics hospital


When you first take your baby home, the Guardian Angel® serves as your baby monitor, plus keeps watch during all those hours of sleep to ensure your little one is resting safely.

a toddler sleeping with her teddy bear in a pediatrics hospital


As your baby becomes a toddler and then even a pre-teen, you can keep an eye on key vitals as your child rests when he/she is sick, has just had shots, dental appointments using sedation, or other treatments/bites that may trigger reactions.


Whether you or a loved one has COPD, sleep apnea, or other chronic respiratory or heart, watch vitals as they sleep. Or, as a child of an aging parent, Guardian Angel®’s remote monitoring lets you know your parent is safe and healthy.

Why Guardian Angel®?

Aulisa Medical’s Guardian Angel® is the only wireless vitals monitoring and alarm system with FDA Cleared technology available for use in the comfort of your home.

Easy to set-up, the display monitor can be placed on the bedside stand or within 32 feet of the wearer. If a health situation occurs, real-time visible and audible alarms will alert you. Customize the upper and lower vitals limits so you alarms are based on the individual age and needs of your loved one. When the alarm sounds, you will know there is a need to intervene immediately.

The display monitor can also be viewed on your cell phone via the Aulisa View app as long as you are on the same wifi or hotspot.

baby holding mothers hand

Go Beyond

The Guardian Angel® GA2000 Series includes all the features of the GA1000, but with so much more. With the Guardian Angel® GA2000, you are able to remotely monitor, with no distance restriction on the display unit or your phone. Since you’re not there in person, video with night vision, audio, and key vitals are all visible on your phone and system display unit. Plus, in case a health-related alarm sounds, the system will capture a 3 minute clip and store it in your monitor for later review by your doctor. Always know your loved one is healthy and sleeping well regardless of your location.

Which Guardian Angel® is right for you?

Guardian Angel® GA1000

  • FDA Cleared Technology
  • Wireless for Freedom of Movement
  • Measures Blood Oxygen Saturation & Pulse
  • Adjustable Vitals Alarm Limits
  • Aulisa View Phone App
  • Visible & Audible Alarms
  • Sensors Available for Babies, Kids & Adults
  • $1,100 for adult/child system; $1,300 for infant

Guardian Angel® GA2000

  • Everything Included in GA1000 PLUS
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Video
  • Health Incident Recordings for Later Review
  • Remote: No Monitoring Distance Limitations
  • $1,700 for adult/child; $1,900 for infant