Sleep Apnea in Women​

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea in Women Women: The Most Underdiagnosed Women of the world, we are busy people. We get tired. We stay tired (with so many things on our minds and responsibilities, who can blame us?), and the mornings are really hard. Sure, our memory isn’t always the greatest (lack of sleep will do that). And, […]

You’re Not Alone: Caring for Your Aging Parent

You’re Not Alone: Caring for Your Aging Parent As the circle of life has it, those who cared for you as a child are now needing you to care for them.  This is not an easy change from a psychological, emotional, time management, career, personal health or financial standpoint. Know, though, that you are not […]

SpO2 The 5 W’s

happy, young father and mother holding healthy baby in nursery

SpO2: The 5 W’s Aulisa Guardian Angel®TM monitors SpO2, but what does it mean and what role does it play in your health? What is SpO2? SpO2 tells you your blood oxygen saturation, or how much oxygen the red blood cells in your arteries are carrying. This can also be referred to as pulse oximetry […]

FDA Approved vs Cleared

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FDA Cleared vs. FDA Approved: What’s the Difference? Many people have asked us why we’re just FDA Cleared, and what the difference is between Cleared and Approved. The difference actually has nothing to do with quality, nor is FDA Approved better than FDA Cleared. Here’s how it works: The FDA separates the items under its […]