Guardian Angel® RX

Aulisa’s Guardian Angel® Rx Vital Sign Monitoring Systems aim to change how vitals are monitored both in and out of the hospital setting. The Guardian Angel® provides continuous vitals monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate via a wearable, wireless sensor worn on the wrist and finger. Using Aulisa’s proprietary Pre-Sense technology, Guardian Angel® Rx checks vitals once per second for early detection of health incidents. When vitals move outside of the preset ranges, visual and audible alarms on the Guardian Angel® Rx monitor warn caregivers that immediate intervention is required. Vitals ranges can be customized with the guidance of medical professionals to ensure optimal effectiveness.

The Need

A number of factors make Aulisa Guardian Angel® systems ideal for today’s changing needs:

  • Due to serious nursing staff shortages world-wide, the standard of patient care in hospitals defaults to infrequent spot-checking. Patients are often unattended for hours, their conditions and vitals trends difficult to detect. Adverse events then occur before effective medical intervention can be taken.

  • Patients are getting older and sicker, living longer, and the number of elderly patients is growing rapidly. It is impossible to care for the increasing number of aged and sick patients using traditional methods.
  • There also remains no effective way to deal with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and it is very difficult to care for patients of chronic diseases, such as obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), chronic heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases, etc.


GA2000 Rx Series and GA2001 Rx, FDA Cleared, enable the following features:
  •   Patient audio/video included on display unit (GA2000 Rx Series)

  •   Recording of 30 seconds before a health incident and 150 seconds following alarm for later doctor analysis (GA2000 Rx Series)

  •   Small sensor and foot strap designed specifically for infants (GA1001 Rx & GA2001 Rx)

  • The Aulisa app (available for iOS and Android devices) can be used to remotely view the display unit of paired Guardian Angel® Rx systems.
  •   Improve patient care with continuous monitoring of vitals

  •   Improve patient comfort with wearable, wireless vitals technology

  •   Decrease time and labor required for vitals spot checks

  •   Receive early detection warnings for additional time to respond to patient health emergencies

  •   Double encrypted using proprietary technology and AES-128 encryption for reliable data security